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Approved By: AICTE       Type: Private

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XIBMS (Xavier Institute of Business Management Studies) was recognized in the year 2009. The Institute offers business and management programs. Distance learning of this university offers the chance to examine educational plans in business management & get a higher expert capability in business management. It has the best affiliations from national & worldwide administration training management bodies. XIBMS is approved by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE).

XIBMS Course Offered

PG Programms:-

  • MBA (Masters in Business Administration)
  • PGDBM (Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management)
  • EMBA (Executive Masters Program in Business Administration)
  • PGDC (PG Diploma Course)
  • MIB (Masters in International Business)
  • MHRM (Masters in Human Resource Management)
  • MMS (Masters in Management Studies)

UG Programms:-

  • GMS (Graduate Program in Management) Studies)

Advanced Diploma Programms:-

  • ADBM (Advanced Diploma in Business Management)
  • ADFM (Advanced Diploma in Finance Management)
  • ADHM (Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management)
  • ADMM (Advanced Diploma in Marketing Management)
  • ADMTM (Advanced Diploma in Materials Management)
  • ADFT (Advanced Diploma in Foreign Trade
  • ADTQM (Advanced Diploma in Total Quality Management)
  • ADHOM (Advanced Diploma in Hotel Management)
  • ADBANKM (Advanced Diploma in Banking Management)
  • ADLSCM (Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management)
  • ADTTM (Advanced Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management)
  • ADRM (Advanced Diploma in Retail Management)
  • ADFDM (Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design Management)
  • ADAPM (Advanced Diploma in Apparel Merchandising
  • ADPROM (Advanced Diploma in Project Management)
  • ADOPM (Advanced Diploma in Operations Management)
  • ADCONSM (Advanced Diploma in Construction Management)
  • ADIT (Advanced Diploma in Information Technology
  • ADCCM (Advanced Diploma in Call Center and BPO Management)
  • ADEXIM (Advanced Diploma in Export and Import Management)
  • ADLL (Advanced Diploma in Labour Law)
  • ADFS (Advanced Diploma in Fire Safety Management)
  • ADTELCOM (Advanced Diploma in Tele Communications Management)
  • ADTEX (Advanced Diploma in Textiles Management)
  • ADPURCHM (Advanced Diploma in Purchase Management)
  • ADTAXM (Advanced Diploma in Taxation Management)
  • ADSAFTM (Advanced Diploma in Safety Management)
  • ADADVTG (Advanced Diploma in Advertising Management)

Diploma Programms:-

  • DBM (Diploma in Business Management)

Finance / Accountancy Specific Programms:-

  • CFM (Chartered Finance Manager)
  • CCA (Chartered Certified Accountant)

ADCERT (Advance Certificate Programms):-

  • Advertising/Media/Communication
  • Architecture
  • Banking / Finance / Accounts / Insurance
  • BPO/Call center
  • Marketing
  • Pharmaceuticals / Biotech / Health Care
  • General
  • Hotel / Tours and Travels
  • Purchase / Logistics
  • Software / Hardware
  • Fashion / Textiles
  • Petroleum / Oil & Gas
  • Construction / Architectural
  • Energy / Power
  • Aviation
  • Environment
  • Project / Operations
  • HR
  • Exclusive
  • Industries/Production
  • Quality / Safety
  • SAP
  • Human Resource / Personnel

XIBMS Admission Eligibility Criteria

Doctorate Management StudiesPost Graduate/ Graduate with 5 years of working experience.
Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM)Graduate/ DBM
Executive Masters Program in Business Administration (EMPBA)Graduate/ DBM
MASTERS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIONGraduate/ diploma with work experience
Specialized PG Diploma Course (PGDC)Graduate/ diploma with work experience
Masters in International Business (MIB)Graduate/ diploma with work experience
Masters in Human Resources Management (MHRM)Graduate/ diploma with work experience
Masters in Management StudiesGraduate/ diploma with work experience
Graduate Program in Management Studies10+2 / Diploma 
Advance Diploma Courses10+2 or Equivalent from a recognized board
Diploma in Business Management10+2 or Equivalent
Chartered Finance ManagerGraduate / DBM
Chartered Certified AccountantGraduate
Advanced Certificate in (choice of your specialization subject)10th or Equivalent

XIBMS Admission Important Dates

Admission procedure takes place twice a year, along with various deadlines for submission of fees. This helps the students for easy admission.

XIBMS Admission Procedure

Criteria for admission are as follows:

  • The applicants are required to go through the entire eligibility criteria before applying for the courses.
  • Applicants are required to fill the application form & provide necessary details like three photographs, work experiences certificate, appointment letter as per course requirement and a copy of mark sheet and submit/post it to XIBMS head office or branch office.
  • Fees payment can be made through cash, cheque/demand draft, credit card & online bank transfer.
  • In case a cheque gets bounced, then the applicant has to pay Rs.800/- as a fine.
  • Students will get their study materials along with the Fees receipt & ID card within 21 working days after completion of the admission procedure.
  • Course & specialization can only be changed by paying 5,000 INR extra at the time of admission.
  • No further changes in the application form will be considered after the final submission of the form.
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XIBMS Program Fees

MBA (Masters in Business Administration)50,900/-
PGDBM (Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management)28,900/-
EMBA (Executive Masters Program in Business Administration)35,900/-
PGDC (PG Diploma Course)33,900/-
MIB (Masters in International Business)40,900/-
MHRM (Masters in Human Resource Management)40,900/-
MMS (Masters in Management Studies)45,900/-
GMS (Graduate Program in Management) Studies)33,900/-
ADBM (Advanced Diploma in Business Management)13,900/-
ADFM (Advanced Diploma in Finance Management)13,900/-
ADHM (Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management)13,900/-
ADMM (Advanced Diploma in Marketing Management)13,900/-
ADMTM (Advanced Diploma in Materials Management)13,900/-
ADFT (Advanced Diploma in Foreign Trade13,900/-
ADTQM (Advanced Diploma in Total Quality Management)13,900/-
ADHOM (Advanced Diploma in Hotel Management)13,900/-
ADBANKM (Advanced Diploma in Banking Management)13,900/-
ADLSCM (Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management)13,900/-
ADTTM (Advanced Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management)13,900/-
ADRM (Advanced Diploma in Retail Management)13,900/-
ADFDM (Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design Management)13,900/-
ADAPM (Advanced Diploma in Apparel Merchandising13,900/-
ADPROM (Advanced Diploma in Project Management)13,900/-
ADOPM (Advanced Diploma in Operations Management)13,900/-
ADCONSM (Advanced Diploma in Construction Management)13,900/-
ADIT (Advanced Diploma in Information Technology13,900/-
ADCCM (Advanced Diploma in Call Center and BPO Management)13,900/-
ADEXIM (Advanced Diploma in Export and Import Management)13,900/-
ADLL (Advanced Diploma in Labor Law13,900/-
ADFS (Advanced Diploma in Fire Safety Management)13,900/-
ADTELCOM (Advanced Diploma in Tele Communications Management)13,900/-
ADTEX (Advanced Diploma in Textiles Management)13,900/-
ADPURCHM (Advanced Diploma in Purchase Management)13,900/-
ADTAXM (Advanced Diploma in Taxation Management)13,900/-
ADSAFTM (Advanced Diploma in Safety Management)13,900/-
ADADVTG (Advanced Diploma in Advertising Management)13,900/-
DBM (Diploma in Business Management)8,900/-
CFM (Chartered Finance Manager)28,900/-
CCA (Chartered Certified Accountant)25,900/-
Banking / Finance / Accounts / Insurance6,900/-
BPO/Call center6,900/-
Pharmaceuticals / Biotech / Health Care6,900/-
Hotel / Tours and Travels6,900/-
Purchase / Logistics6,900/-
Software / Hardware6,900/-
Fashion / Textiles6,900/-
Petroleum / Oil & Gas6,900/-
Construction / Architectural6,900/-
Energy / Power6,900/-
Project / Operations6,900/-
Quality / Safety6,900/-
Human Resource / Personnel6,900/-

Contact Details and Location

Address :1st and 2nd Floor, JBA complex House No. 1678A Opp London Bridge Showroom 60 Feet Nehru Road, next to NIIT, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560084
Website :https://www.xibms.com/

XIBMS Facilities

Modern facilities are provided by the XIBMS. They provide online study material, online video chatting facilities with the teacher, and resources in the form of PDFs, CDs, and other facilities. Along with all these, the Institute also helps the candidates in placements. Students interested in joining corporate bodies after their academic carrier can attend various placement drives that are arranged by the Institute for a secure future.

XIBMS Placement

At XIBMS, the mission isn’t just to convey the course adequately yet, also, to shape the students into the professional’s experts promptly deployable in the business. On productive fulfillment of the program, the Institute helps the understudies in meeting their job goals. XIBMS gives the best placement to their students according to their talents and capability. The minimum package of the students starts from 2.9 lakhs and the maximum starts from 12.1 lakhs.

XIBMS Faculties

The Institute is standing firm and vibrant due to various pillars. One such important pillar of the organization is faculty. Faculties play a significant role in achieving the status and position in the field. Arun Mishra is the director of the XIBMS. Faculties of this institute are excellent at teaching with high teaching experience and are even very professional in their job. They are highly interactive with the students, which helps them in understanding the lesson better. Faculties also prepare the study materials based on the current curriculum.

XIBMS Admission FAQs