Why tech professionals are leaving IT companies for MBA?

Why tech professionals are leaving IT companies for MBA?

Tech professionals are resigning and leaving their jobs from IT Companies because it does not guarantee job security, satisfaction, and above all career growth to professionals.

Several surveys and studies have been done and noticed that Tech organizations/ companies have been among the top MBA enrollment specialists for quite a while and are consistently ranked probably the best organizations to work around the world. Tremendously top recruiters of MBA graduates are increasing.

Why are Tech workers resigning?

As we all know that the country’s economy is growing enormously, and many more new companies are coming up every year. So the demand for MBA is increasing day by day due to its benefits and advantages to the business and big organization.

According to the latest Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) Corporate Recruiters Survey – 89% of tech companies hired MBAs in 2020, higher than consulting on 76% and finance on 75%.

MBA degree course offers an average salary of over INR 6, 87,000 per year or higher which gives more than a valid reason to leave IT sector positions for career in MBA degree.

MBA skills suit the tech industry – How?

So many organizations and companies like to recruit MBA graduates because the skills and the knowledge MBAs degree holders have which makes them a good fit for their companies.

As they get the wide array of talent, ability and the information by the time they get graduated. They are the proficient managers and trained across things like marketing, finance, data analysis, and strategic thinking.

Get an MBA degree and Change your Life – How?

·        You’ll gain networking skills and more credibility

·        Your Confidence power is at a whole new level

·        You can earn more money and get a better pay scale

·        New Job opportunities will open up

·        You will discover new ways of thinking to make business plans and work on it

Top Colleges for doing MBA degree

Check the given beneath list for pursuing MBA degree via distance mode, so you don’t need to leave your job for the further studies:-

1.     NMIMS Distance Education

2.     SGVU Distance Education

3.     LPU Distance Education

4.     ICFAI University Distance Education

5.     Bharathiar University Distance Education

6.     IMT Center for Distance Learning

7.     IGNOU Distance Education

8.     Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning

9.     SMU Distance Education

10.  Amity University Distance Education

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