Why can Panjab University not become a Central University

Why can Panjab University not become a Central University

The demand of Panjab University of becoming a Central University is getting under the controversies among both the university and the state of Punjab. The faculty of Panjab University has demanded the status of central, particularly when the Central and State Governments have announced the pay scales for teachers. The issue has been raised by the teachers of the university.

The university occupies an emotional place in the minds of people on the basis of historical, regional and cultural reasons. The institute has emerged itself as an educational and cultural symbol of the state.

The much awaited 6th Pay Commission report was declared by the last government after a gap of six years. In the year 2016 the Central Government has made a report implementing the 7th Pay Commission.

Panjab University use to adopt the UGC pay scale for its university and college teacher whenever the government implements its new pay scales.

The Panjab Government has failed to implement the 7th pay scales as per the notification of the UGC which made the teachers to demand it as a central status.

Recently, the Panjab and Haryana High Court have clarified stating that the Panjab University cannot be considered as a centrally-funded 

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