Top Trending Courses in India

Top Trending Courses in India

Top Trending Courses

Everyone wants to pursue the best and most trending course which can help them to get a good job as well as deep knowledge. Professional courses are the best option for you and offer excellent avenues for developing your skills and knowledge. Nowadays, courses are available online as well as offline mode. Online trending course is the most convenient way of learning, especially for those professionals who want to upskill themselves.

Advantages of Professional courses

Demonstrate skills and gain credibility

Qualifying for the senior level jobs

Enhance technical knowledge and upskilling

Acquiring experience

Let’s understand the top trending courses in India

Artificial Intelligence

It is one of the toughest courses in India. This is why this emerging technology is still being explored and this course offers a huge range of possibilities to boost the careers of IT Professionals.

This course covers multiple programming languages, libraries, and tools with the required competencies. You can attain this course at a 10th of the cost through an offline program. Apart from this, you can also go for advanced certifications which allow you to specialize in Cloud, NLP, Big Data, Deep Learning.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence professionals are those who put their numerical ability to work and solve real-world business problems. There are multiple training options available in this course such as Data Visualization, Data Mining, and Analytics, Using Excel, Python, Hadoop, Spark, etc.

Business Analyst Certification is one of the best trending courses especially for those who compete for managerial roles and business analyst.

Data Science

Data science is an interdisciplinary field that is a mixture of various Machine Learning Algorithms, techniques, and tools that aims to extract the trends and patterns from raw and unstructured business data. Data Scientists are professionals who solve complex business problems using their knowledge and skills of data science.

Nowadays, Data Science is the most sought career option with the rapid increase in the generation of data in reputed companies.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is the best course for those who are an artist and creative. In this field, professionals need to create visual content in the form of images as well as infographics. The main job role of a graphic designer is to create billboards, logos, posters, etc.

Cloud Computing

It is one of the top IT fields which is experiencing an emerging trend in 2022. Software developers can opt for specialized programs in cloud computing to learn the below things:

  • Knowledge of serverless architecture
  • Deep understanding of cloud migration and multi-cloud environments
  • Building Cloud-native technologies
  • Cloud security skills

Project Management

Project Managers are those who assign tasks to the concerned members of the company, set deadlines, and drive the project team to achieve the desired goals. Professionals who want to gain knowledge in this discipline by emerging the project management certification can opt for this course.

Digital Marketing

It is one of the exciting subjects for professionals such as sales personnel, brand managers, marketers, and entrepreneurs. Due to increasing internet penetration as well as online activity, the scope of digital marketing has also expanded. Some popular digital marketing topics are content marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and marketing analytics.

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