Online Degree V/S Distance Degree - Equal to Regular Degree

Online Degree V/S Distance Degree – Equal to Regular Degree?

With modernization comes change. Now getting a degree does not necessarily mean that one has to go to college on regular basis. The distance and online education system ensures that one can now get a degree in whatever field one wants to without physically appearing for classes or college formalities. However, this facilitation raises a question: ‘Which mode is best for getting a degree – online or distance?’

To get the answer this question, read the given article of MBATours, where you will get a thorough comparison between online and distance learning degrees.

Comparison between online and distance learning degrees

  1. Mode of Learning

The mode of learning is a major factor that segregates online learning from distance learning. In the pursuit of acquiring an online degree, one has to complete course work, attend classes online and interact with teachers through an online Learning Management System.

In the case of distance courses, a student has to go to college on weekends to attend classes physically. One also gets the opportunity to interact with teachers and meet their classmates in person and build a strong foundation.

  1. Fee Structure

The fee structure of both the online and distance degrees have major difference. In online degree the cost of travelling and accommodation got cut which makes an online degree more affordable than a regular degree.

Hence, the fee of distance education is half or less then fee of regular degree.

  1. Course curriculum

The curriculum and coursework of both online and distance degrees are alike or same as regular degree course. This has been done to make them as equivalent as possible. All the students taking a course online have to appear for quizzes and tests, they read the same books and they appear for semester examinations just like the students do in the regular classroom.

  1. The mode of examination

Students who are enrolled in the distance learning college have to appear for examinations physically. In the case of students who opted for online examinations, they are either presented with a choice of taking exams online or offline mode or the choice is made by the University itself. The online exams are proctored using software or with the help of invigilators. In the case of offline exams for online degrees, different examination centers are set up in different cities to facilitate students to take the examinations.

  1. The placement process

In the case of distance or the online degree, the college or university does not provides any placement opportunities, thus applicants can get assistance from the college. There are hardly any campus placement drives, but good colleges do help their students in building a good CV and resume.

Top Online Learning Colleges

  1. Bharati Vidhyapeeth Online Education
  2. Periyar University Online Education
  3. Alagappa University Online Education
  4. Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Online Education
  5. Yenepoya University Online Education
  6. University Of Mysore Online Education
  7. Jain University Online Education
  8. M.G.R. University Online Education
  9. ManiPal University Online Education

Top Distance Learning Colleges

  1. NMIMS Distance Education
  2. SGVU Distance Education
  3. LPU Distance Education
  4. ICFAI University Distance Education
  5. Bharathiar University Distance Education
  6. IMT Center for Distance Learning
  7. IGNOU Distance Education
  8. Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning
  9. SMU Distance Education
  10. Amity University Distance Education



The advantages of both differ from each other. For an applicant who is living in a remote location and unable to travel for any reasons – due to job, if you are a house wife or any other reason, then an online degree is the most suitable.

On the other side, applicants who have the opportunity to travel and attend classes physically on some days due to any reason, distance degree is better for them.

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