MBA Marketing vs MBA Digital Marketing Syllabus, Career Scope & Top Colleges

MBA Marketing

A course of MBA with marketing specialization usually stretches for two years, which gives students plenty of opportunities to test their skills and try new skills. This course teaches conventional marketing methods and techniques. It is a majorly theoretical based approach to things, not a practical one. If this course is done from a well-established and reputed Business school, the graduate gets an extra edge over the other graduate seeking a job in the corporate world.

MBA Digital Marketing

MBA Digital Marketing includes advertisements and promotion of products and brands using digital media. The duration of the course varies from institution to institution. This marketing course is a vast subject. It comprises social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, SEO(Search Engine Optimization), SEM(System Engine Manager), Web Designing,Graphics Designing, etc. The students here learn to target the customers through digital networks, create websites to attract the public, and sell their products.

SYLLABUSThe MBA marketing syllabus includes:
1.Organizational Behaviour
2.Marketing Management
3.Quantitative Methods
4.Human Resource Management
5.Managerial Economics
6.Business Communication
7.Financial Accounting
8.Information Technology Management

1.Organization Effectiveness and Change
2.Management Accounting
3.Management Science
4.Operation Management
5.Economic Environment of Business
6.Marketing Research
7..Financial Management
8.Management of Information System

1.Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility
2.Strategic Analysis
3.Legal Environment of Business
4.Elective Course

1.Project Study
2.International Business Environment
3.Strategic Management
4.Elective Course
The course of digital marketing involves:
1. Accounting for Business Decisions
2. Accounting for Business Decisions Managerial Economics
3.Legal Aspects of Business
4.Business Research Methods
5.Organizational Behaviour
6.Basics of Marketing
7.Generic Elective Courses
8.Management Fundamentals
9.Business Communications Lab
10.MS Excel & Advanced Excel Lab
11.Selling & Negotiation Skills Lab
12.Business, Government & Society
13.Foreign Language –I Lab
14.Enterprise Analysis – Desk Research
1.Marketing Management
2.Financial Management
3.Human Resource Management
4.Decision Science
5.Operations Management
6.Life Skills Lab
7.Geopolitics & The World
8.Economic System
9.Business Systems & Procedures
10.Computer Tools Lab
11.Foreign Language – II Lab
12.Industry Analysis – Desk Research
1.Strategic Management 
2. Enterprise Performance Management 
3. Start-up and New Venture Management 
4. Summer Internship Project (SIP)
5. Introduction to Digital Marketing & e-Commerce
 6. Search Engine Marketing 
7. Email Marketing 
8. Social Media Marketing – I
9. Digital Branding 
10. Content Marketing.
1. Managing for Sustainability 
2. Dissertation Sales and Distribution Management
3. Social Media Marketing – II 
4. Mobile Marketing
 5. Web Analytics 
6. Affiliate Marketing 
7.Online Reputation Management
8. Brand Planning & Consumer Insights.
COLLEGESBelow listed are few best MBA colleges to pursue the MBA Marketing course: 
1. IIMs(Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Kolkata making to the top of the list)
2. Xavier School of Management
3. Indian Business School, Hyderabad
4. NIMA University, Jaipur
5. Amity Business School, Noida
Below listed are few top schools to pursue the course mentioned above:
1. RVS Institute of Management, Tamil Nadu
2. Xavier Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai
3. Suryadatta Institute of Business Management, Pune
4. RIMT University, Punjab
5. JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES/SCOPESBrand Manager, Account Manager, Research Manager, Sales Manager, Business Development Manager, Marketing Analytics, Monetisation Manager, etcDigital Marketing Strategists, Content Marketing Manager, Campaign Manager, SEO Manager, Social Media Manager.etc

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