Distance Learning Advantages & Disadvantages

Distance Learning Advantages & Disadvantages

What is Distance Learning

Distance Learning usually involves students engaging with the study material at home or work. Students also get instructional exercise support through a virtual learning condition, telephone, email, or other electronic methods. Students can study undergraduate courses, postgraduate courses, and professional learning, as well.

Advantages of Distance Learning

Some of the advantages of distance learning for the students are as follows:

  1. Most of the students who opt for distance education can pursue a job along with the studies because they don’t want to give up their jobs but want a higher education. Distance learning is a blessing for such students.
  2. You can learn at your own pace:  It is known that different people have a different style of reading and speed of studying that course. In every classroom, some students are real talents, and some are shy to ask for their doubts. Distance learning helps the students to study the courses they opt at their speed and also help to ask their doubts without shyness to the teachers.
  3. You can study whenever and wherever: Students can attend the online lectures at a given time or a tutorial lecture through video conferencing; distance learning provides the best facilities that students can attend this video conferencing and online video tutorial lectures whenever they want and wherever they want. They can pick an ideal opportunity to consider at whatever point you’re for your benefit.
  4. Less impact of the environment: distance learning is e-learning, which protects the environment. It is also a paperless way of learning. It has been discovered that distance learning programs expended around 90% less power and produced 85% less amount of CO2 releases as compared to the educational courses taught in institutions or universities.
  5. Reduced cost: distance learning is cost-effective as compared to the educational courses taught in universities and institutions. The lower price of distance learning is because learning through this method happens smoothly and quickly.

Disadvantages of Distance Learning

  1. Difficulty in staying motivated: Many students can’t opt for distance learning as they want classrooms, interactions with teachers, and many other things. Generally, students get distracted and can’t meet the deadlines.
  2. It is difficult to stay in contact with teachers: Students who are more comfortable in classrooms can face distance learning problems. If students have any doubt in an assignment about the lecture they can ask the teacher in the ongoing class, or they can meet the respected subject teacher after the class in break time but in distance learning courses students have to send emails for doubt which they don’t get immediate response from the teacher.
  3. Staying connected all the time: Distance learning is a difficulty for the students who don’t have a reliable source of electricity and don’t have reliable internet. Students can face problems in going to a friend’s house, a café, or elsewhere where the internet is readily available. Some of the programs require to have a DVD or CD player for the study materials and other types of equipment that have to purchase
  4. Getting immediate feedback: Immediate feedback can help the students who are sitting in a classroom with the teacher because they have a few minutes to look at the work of the students done and decide whether that student is in the right way or not.
  5. Difficulty in completing all courses for a degree: Distance learning can’t provide every degree. The students who want their career in medicine had to get the admission educational institutes

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